Friday, May 10, 2013

Celebrity Style: Maxi Dresses

1. Marta Blue High Low Chiffon Dress 
2. Aida Halter Colorblock Maxi Dress
3. Sakura White Cotton Maxi Dress 
4. Miranda High Low Hem Coral Dress 

Maxi dresses! Are they easy to throw on in the morning? Yes. Do they make you feel like you live in a completely different era sometimes? Yes. (After all, when do women really get to wear something long anymore?) Can people like me who are limited in the height department wear a maxi? Yes! 

This is something I overhear a lot at the shop. "I'm not tall enough to wear a maxi dress." But I say pish-posh to that. No one should miss out on the comforts of a maxi when you can either: a) hem the lovely little piece or b) get some 4-5 inch heels! (It's a good excuse to buy new shoes, too!) 

Cheers to fashion,