Monday, November 26, 2012

Color Wheel: Vermont

Recently, I spent some time in Vermont for a reunion, and as the locals would say, a leaf-peeper tour. Having lived in southern California my entire life, the rustic beauty of such a state as Vermont with its ever changing seasons was jaw dropping. (Color and trees galore!) Although it rained most of the time we were there, I have to admit, the drizzle and cold temperatures were actually quite refreshing. The air felt crisp and clean, and I couldn't deny the spiritual effect a rolling bank of fog over maple studded mountains had over me. Plus, I got a chance to wear my rarely used thick coats and scarves!

So, here's a sample from my journey, complete with one of my favorite art school activities - creating color palettes from images! Side note: creating a color wheel from a favorite image is a handy tool for decorating, picking out fabrics, or putting together an outfit.

Road to Mount Mansfield
View of Lake Champlain
Rock of Ages Rock Quarry
Stairs to Meadow at Fort Ticonderoga - not in VT, but close enough

Cheers to fashion (and Vermont),