Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Olympic Fever

Kaleigh | Red Fitted Sheath Dress
Angelica | White Strapless Eyelet Asymmetrical Dress
Cora | Navy High Low Hem Striped Dress

Wow! Can you believe there are only a few more days left of the Olympics? Have you been watching as fervently as I have? Is your dvr almost filled to capacity?

It has been incredibly inspiring watching all of these amazing athletes from so many different disciplines compete. They work so hard day in and day out, and only once every 4 years do they get to attend the biggest sporting event in the world to show off their skills and shine for their country!

I can't even imagine what it takes to be that determined and focused. When I read about the workout routines and diets of these Olympians, I am rendered speechless. 6 hours a day x 6 days a week to train! Plus all of the mental training to stay in the zone and stick to a game plan! It definitely makes me think twice before I complain about running an extra mile or giving in to midnight munchies! (Have you seen the abs on those track stars?)

Although there are a number of moments from these London games which have brought a smile to my face or almost made me cry, a few of my favorites include:

-The women's US gymnastics winning team gold! (Did you see how much air those girls got on their vaults, especially Mckayla Maroney?)

-Discovering what a velodrome was + feeling giddy over the space age suits and helmets the cyclists have to wear + watching William, Kate, and Harry cheer for Team GB (I can't help it. I love watching how much fun these royals seem to have together!)

-Seeing Oscar Pistorius and Kirani James exchange race bibs after Pistorius was eliminated in the semifinals of the men's 400m race. (These guys have so much class.)

-Learning that there was a sport called canoe slalom! (It reminds me of the Xbox Kinect raft game. You basically have to navigate a canoe through a bunch of gates in whitewater rapids. Most of these slalom courses are man made for the games, which makes me wonder what they do with the facility after the games are finished. Will athletes train there? Because I sure wouldn't mind paying some money and tubing down that course!)

Beyond the games though, there has also been a subtle salute to fashion. From the opening ceremony outfits of each country's athletes, to the neon yellow Nike shoes that keep popping up everywhere, and the patriotic colors that fans have displayed in the stands... it has made me think... what would I wear to the Olympics? How can I get in to the spirit of the games? Well... in honor of Team USA... how about a little red, white and blue! How about a fun little dress instead of a polo shirt and jeans? How about ballet flats and comfy little sneakers?

Ah! I love the Olympics! Only 5 more days left... I wonder which lives will be forever changed, who will medal, and what the reps from each country will wear to the closing ceremony!

Cheers to fashion,

Photos: Sportechie