Thursday, August 9, 2012

Behind the Scenes: San Diego Blogger Love

Ontario | Color Block Handbag
Rodos | Snakeskin Shoulder Clutch Bag

These photos were taken last month when I had the opportunity to tag along on a photo shoot for the Smile for Style blog, created by the lovely and charismatic Chesley, who featured several handbags from Questhaven. I had been looking for San Diego based bloggers to collaborate with, and when I found her site I immediately fell in love with the way she was able to arrange a variety of pieces into fabulous looks. After several email exchanges, we soon discovered that we lived only a few blocks away from each other! (Small world, right?)

Chesley has tons of experience in the fashion world, and I've enjoyed picking her brain about various aspects of the business, as well as watching her effortless poses! On the day of the shoot, I was also able to meet Junk & PO founder Krissy, who is an exceptionally talented artist and photographer, as well as a fellow San Diegan. In summary, I can't wait to work with these amazing girls again! 

To see official photos from the shoot, visit Smile for Style. Check out Krissy's images at Junk & PO.

Cheers to fashion,