Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Street Style: David Bowie Geisha Remix

Lolita Sheer Bird Print Wrap Cardigan
Bead Flower Chain Earrings

Shelley and I recently watched one of our favorite movies, Memoirs of a Geisha. For those who aren’t familiar with the book or the film, it’s a story about a beautiful Japanese girl named Chiyo with amazing blue eyes, who although poor and treated cruelly as a child, eventually becomes a very talented and famous geisha.

What I admire most about Chiyo, renamed Sayuri once she becomes a geisha, is her unwavering tenacity, her devotion, and her acceptance of the life that she has been given. Women have few options to make a living in the mid 1900s and even in the midst of World War II, Chiyo finds a way to carry on.

In addition to the story, what I also adore about this film are the costumes. Intricate kimonos and colors abound! Truly, geishas were pieces of art seamlessly moving throughout the floating world. Inspired thus, by the beauty of Japanese culture and the theatrics of David Bowie that popped into our heads, Shelley and I created the above look to wrap up our evening.

Cheers to fashion,