Friday, September 30, 2011

Street Style: Make Peace Not War

Rae Sheer 70s Blouse
Bead Layered Chain Necklace Sold Out

Inspired By Greatness
Janis Joplin was an amazing artist of our past, who possessed a talent that is still missed by many. There is no denying that she was a style icon who put “hip” into the term “hippie”. It was her careless style and her ability to make it look ever so groovy that put her on the map in the fashion world. She was my inspiration for this look.

Fashion Time Machine

A pile of 70s style clothes lay scattered throughout my room as I anxiously sifted through each item trying to find “the one” statement piece for my look. Then, peeking out from underneath my wide legged jumpsuit, was a multicolored psychedelic print off the shoulder blouse that called my name. After that, the rest of my outfit came together quickly and within seconds I was a blast from the past in this free loving ensemble! As I posed freely in front of the camera, the lyrics of “Piece Of My Heart” sung by Janis Joplin played wildly in my head. I felt as if I took a step back into time. I didn’t grow up during the “flower child” era, but the beauty of fashion is the power it has to transport someone into a different time period.

A Style Influence That Will Forever Live On

The peace, love and happiness fashion style was certainly made famous by the youths representing the hippie subculture. Their unyielding efforts to make their presence known by sharing their beliefs with society greatly inspired change in our pop culture. Overtime, this freethinking social movement would influence the media, music and most of all, fashion. Many of our current style trends are inspired by our past eras and I must say that the “age of the great bohemians” is certainly a piece of style history worth repeating.

Be strikingly chic,