Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Street Style: I Love Lucy

Lucy Polka Dot Uneven Hem Dress

As a child growing up in the 80s, I can still vividly remember watching syndicated episodes of the 1950s popular show, I Love Lucy, with my family. Every night, we would sit crowded together on our maroon colored sofa in front of our 24” T.V.  I was always given the job of getting up and turning the channel dial on the television. (Yes, I had to get up and walk to make T.V. magic happen until I reached a specific station, or more often than not, until my dad yelled, “STOP!”) As a family, we laughed harmoniously, enjoying the pure comedic entertainment performed by America’s favorite red head, the beloved, Lucille Ball, also simply known as Lucy on her show.

In each episode, Lucy seemed to easily find her way into ridiculously sticky situations. Of course, it was how she dealt with these nonsensical predicaments that had America in stitches. Lucy surely made being a housewife look adventurous, as well as entertaining, with all of her crazy antics. Who can forget seeing Lucy stuff her face with chocolates due to a speeding conveyor belt of truffles at a local candy factory or watching her  get into a wrestling match while stomping grapes at a vineyard in Italy. One thing was certain, there was never a dull moment in Lucy Ricardo’s life!

Now, we simply cannot forget her sitcom and real life husband, Desi Arnaz, who took on the name Ricky Ricardo on the show. I’m sure many of us can remember the sound of his thick Cuban accent as he entered through the front door, often unaware of the scrapes his wife has gotten herself into, and jubilantly announcing, “Lucy, I’m home!” Even with his arms crossed in disapproval, Ricky would stand byLucy as she learned the lessons of her mistakes.

It is now 2011 and I still watch an episode of I Love Lucy from time to time. I have to admit, I still laugh every time I watch this show. When I say laugh, I mean the kind of laugh that is so obnoxious that it has me coughing like I’m suffering from a chronic case of emphysema. (I don’t smoke cigarettes.) The best part of watching this show today as an adult is the nostalgic effect it has on me.  It reminds of my childhood, and for a moment everything seems as if nothing has changed in my world. Of course, the only difference is that I can get to the channel I want to with a digital remote! (I just love technology!)

Thank you, Lucille Ball, for making me laugh and teaching me that life is all about making mistakes… and of course learning from them.

Be strikingly chic,