Friday, September 16, 2011

Street Style: The Fab 60s

Sally Button Cuff Shift Dress

Don’t you just adore the 60s? From the Chanel suits worn by Jackie O., to the safari jackets that draped YSL muses Betty Calroux and Loulou de la Falaise, as well as the miniskirt and tights ensemble introduced by Mary Quant, the 60s were filled with a variety of looks that continue to inspire fashionistas across the globe.

Along with tailored suits, kid gloves, and gypsy-style  designs, what I enjoy most about the 60s are the bold colors and prints. (Think Emilio Pucci!) Bold pieces scream fun and exude an air of sociability, which is exactly how Shelley looked in this mustard color 60s style shift dress!

To complete the 60s inspired look, she paired the dress with yellow fishnet leggings, a black cloche wool hat, a strand of pearls, a wide black stretch belt, and then mixed decades with 40s inspired oxfords for a sweet “let’s have brunch” or “walk along the Thames” outfit.

Later, she went for a more flirty evening approach by ditching the tights and throwing on some black stilettos! Overall, this dress is a far out piece to add to any wardrobe, especially when you’re looking for something to make your day feel carefree and bright.

Cheers to fashion,